8 stage full Taiwan technical brand code 402104

دستگاه 8 مرحله فول تایوان تکنیکال کد-402104 (1)

8 stage full Taiwan technical brand code 402104

The filters of this device, which use the reverse osmosis method to purify water, are completely plant-based, the hoses and valve are of high quality, and the pump is quiet. Although the price of this water purifier is a bit high, it always has many fans in Iran, which can be attributed to its high quality, and in a way, it can be said that this device has been able to attract customers by providing quality products.

Device applications:

  1. Removal of suspended particles in water up to 5 microns, removal of chlorine and water turbidity,
  2. removal of all sediments, sand, removal of all harmful substances such as: nitrate, nitrite and mercury
  3. Removal of microbial contamination, removal of water salinity (desalination)
  4. Removing the unpleasant taste and smell of water and water acidity

The 8 filters used in the 8-stage Taiwan cartridge technical water purifier are able to handle the water purification well and are able to do the water purification in the most ideal way without any shortcomings. The set of filters of this device includes fiber filter, granular filter, carbon block filter, membrane filter, post carbon filter and mineral filter, oxygen generator filter and finally multi-purpose filter which completes the water purification in the previous stages and removes minerals. which returns to it the water removed in the previous steps.

A combination of the best filters has been used in the construction of this device, and as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, technical products are famous for the high quality of the filters used in them.

The following are the features of the device:

  • 8 powerful filters
  • Good fittings
  • 5 gallon tank
  • Metal body
  • Filtration accuracy 0.0001
  • Input power 220 volts
  • Power consumption 24 volts

This device works with 220V input power, while the imported tank of this device is 5 gallons and uses a metal body. Arad tasefieh Trading, which imports water purification products from Taiwan, Vietnam and China, always tries to introduce you, dear customers, the best quality device compared to the country of manufacture.

Technical features of the device:

  • 5 micron compressed polypropylene fiber filter
  • 100% UDF powdered carbon filter
  • CTO block carbon filter
  • 75 gallon 13 layer Membrane from the original Taiwan FilmTec brand
  • Taiwan post carbon filter
  • Taiwan mineral filter
  • Taiwan infra-red filter
  • Taiwan multipurpose filter
  • White large gauge metal chassis
  • Long steel lever withdrawal valve that can be installed on the sink
  • 5 gallon 19 liter tank from Taiwan Tank Pack
  • 24V Taiwan original Hedon brand pump
  • Original Taiwan adapter
  • Valve to adjust the amount of water solutes
  • Imported fittings
  • Taiwan housing set and taiwan membrane housing
  • It has a complete equipment pack (wrench, hose, sewer clamp, device cover, pressure breaker)

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