10-step water purifier, full Taiwan brand Light Water Code: 402100


10-step water purifier, full Taiwan brand Light Water

This device uses reverse osmosis or RO to purify water.
It is also able to produce 180 liters of fresh water per day and is placed in the category of household appliances.

Device capabilities:

Removal of suspended particles in water up to 5 microns, removal of chlorine and water turbidity, removal of all sediments, sand, removal of all harmful substances such as: nitrate, nitrite and mercury
Removal of microbial contamination, removal of water salinity (desalination)
Removing the unpleasant taste and smell of water and water acidity

LightWater’s 10-stage water purifier removes salts, bacteria, fungi, and chlorine from water, and as a result, your drinking water is completely purified. Non-standard water can damage the kidneys in the long run; And also some salts in water are carcinogenic.

If you intend to buy a high-quality water purifier, LightWater 10-step water purifier is one of your options. Household water purifier with the reliable Light Water brand, equipped with an alkaline filter, a multi-purpose filter (with mineral stones), an oxygen filter (with infrared ), a 75 gallon membrane filter ( FILMTEC),Taiwan’s protective membrane filter (to increase the life of the membrane and prevent damage) and mineral filter.

The above device has a 19-liter antibacterial tank from Taiwan and a metal frame with a waterproof electrostatic paint coating and a very strong Water Life pump with a capacity of 125 PSI and a separate lever valve.

You can read the full description of the reverse osmosis or RO method here.


It has 10 stages of water purification
  • 1. 5 micron compressed polypropylene filter
  • 2. 100% UDF powdered carbon filter
  • 3. CTO block carbon filter
  • 4. Membrane protective filter
  • 5. Membrane 75 gallons 13 layers of the original Taiwan FilmTec brand
  • 6. Post carbon filter C.C.K Taiwan
  • 7. Mineral filter C.C.K Taiwan
  • 8. Alkaline filter9. Oxygen filter – INFRA-RED
  • 10. Multipurpose filter Taiwan
  • Long steel lever withdrawal valve that can be installed on the sink
  • 5 gallon tank (19 liters) Taiwan brand TankPac
  • Water Life brand 24V pump 125 psi Taiwan
  • White original Taiwan adapter (1.2 amps)
  • Valve to adjust the amount of water solutes
  • Original fittings
  • It has a complete equipment pack (wrench, hose, sewer clamp, device cover, pressure breaker)