Filter types

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Fiber filter: by passing tap water through the pipes, suspended particles or different wastes enter it and are carried by water. Some of these particles include dust, mud, clay particles and small pieces of organic matter.

Powdered carbon filter: This filter is of complete organic origin and will remove chlorine, odor, color and bad taste of water and chemical contaminants and other organic substances from water.

Carbon block filter: This filter is also of completely organic origin and is installed to complete the pre-treatment function and to purify chemicals, pesticides and unpleasant colors that pass through the second filter (charcoal carbon).

Membrane filter: It is actually a filter consisting of a semi-permeable membrane. This filter is the main and most powerful filter in a water purifier.

his filter is able to remove all heavy metals in water such as arsenic, nitrate, nitrite, gypsum or hardness from water.

Post-carbon filter: Post-carbon filter is usually installed as a final step in the water purifier. This filter is made of powdered activated carbon and can remove contaminants and possible impurities left in the water treatment process.

Mineral filter: Mineral filter is one of the standard filters necessary for a home water purifier. Since the purification of water removes impurities, some of the minerals in the water may be removed. This filter is designed in such a way that it can add minerals needed by the body such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium to water. The mineral filter is completely organic and has been inspired by nature.

Membrane protective filter: Membrane protective filter can be installed in the water purifier after pre-treatment filters. Membrane protective filter completely removes contaminants that have passed through the water purification filters so as not to damage the membrane filter. The material of this filter is fiber and its function is like a linear fiber filter.

Multi-purpose filter: This filter is in the form of a capsule filled with mineral grains, organic and alkalis carbon granules, and usually has a clear and colorless shell, and is only used in devices with RO system as the sixth filter after the tank. This filter is generally intended to regulate the pH and improve the taste of water.