What is chlorine؟


Chlorine with atomic number 17 was first discovered by Carl Wilhelm Schiele. He thought this element had oxygen!

As you know, chlorine is used to disinfect water. Chlorine is one of the cost-effective materials used to disinfect water.

Benefits of chlorine in water:

Chlorine in water is suitable for disinfection due to its low cost, and chlorine is also very good for keeping water healthy for a longer period of time. However, it is recommended to remove chlorine before drinking water. This process is possible with using Arad Water Purifier Trading home water purifiers.

Disadvantages of chlorine in water:

Disadvantages of chlorine include lung problems, respiratory problems and cancers. These complications can be minimized by removing chlorine from water before drinking it. Research shows that even in World War II, chlorine gas was used to cause respiratory disorders and cancer. The interesting thing is that even aquatic organisms in chlorinated water will have a short lifespan. Another disadvantage of water chlorine is itchy skin which many people complain about. Even taking a shower with chlorinated water can cause hair loss and itchy skin. Chlorine, when added to water, causes trihalomethane, a very dangerous substance that causes cancer.

Conclusion: According to the above explanations, it can be concluded that chlorine is suitable for keeping water safe in the city water pipes, but it should be removed from the water while drinking, to minimize the stated complications.

Nitrate: The existance of nitrate, nitrite and arsenic in water causes disease and cancer, according to a study conducted in Larestan in the summer of 1398 by Salehifard and Eskandari. They concluded that nitrate may be one of the factors causing bladder cancer.